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Damian Alexander, Wealth Management Advisor

Damian Alexander

Damian Alexander is a Wealth Management Advisor who is a licensed Insurance and Investment advisor who helps individuals and families achieve their financial goals.

Damian recognizes the uniqueness of individuals and tailors concise financial plans to suit each client’s particular situation. Damian's main focus is to build his client's Assets, while protecting and preparing those assets to be transferred on to the next generation with the aim of providing future security. With a holistic financial planning approach, Damian provides expert advice on:

  • Investments (Stocks, Bonds, Mutual Funds, ETFs)
  • Life insurance(Term, Whole Life, Universal Life, Segregated funds)
  • Retirement planning
  • Educational savings plans
  • Estate Planning

Damian is extremely passionate about listening to each client’s complex issues before prescribing solutions and then creating realistic results. Damian is always looking for new challenges to expand his wealth of knowledge and is committed to his continuous professional growth.

In Damian's personal life, he enjoys circuit exercising, traveling, watching basketball, and community event planning. He is also and avid movie lover. Most importantly, Damian gets extreme joy in spending valued time with his nephews.


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